Friday, November 17, 2017

Pawlishes Thanksgiving Chew Stuffers for Your Dog

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I share one of my favorite dog treat recipes with you. This is a quick and easy way to make a chew toy or already eaten soup bone a more interesting chew toy. I call mine twice nice bones, since I use the eaten out marrow bones.


Once your dogs have chewed up and eaten out the marrow bones, you can fill them again and again with this easy to make stuffing. If you don't use soup bones for your dog, you can use the stuffing in any dog approved chew toy, like a Kong.


4 ripe bananas (or a jar of organic banana baby food)

1/2 cup peanut butter


Peel and mash bananas (or use baby food). Mix with peanut butter until smooth.
Stuff mixture into hollow bones or other chew stuffer toys.
Freeze overnight.
Serve frozen treats.



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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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