Thursday, August 2, 2018

How to pick the right kind of Dog Boots

So it's been hot here in Arizona! The long summer months make it hard to do things with your dog. If you want to take your four-legged best friend with you, you probably considered getting him/her some doggie boots.
In this blog, I want to answer some commonly ask questions about dog boots. How to choose the right type of boot, how to properly fit them, and how to get your dog comfortable wearing them.

Why get them?


If you walk your pet on asphalt or concrete you should consider them during the hot summer days.
Dog boots aren't just great for protecting your dog's paws during extreme temperatures, like hot summer days in Arizona. For cold winters, boots can insulate your dog’s feet from cold snow, ice, and salt, and are great for keeping your dog's feet clean when it's really muddy outside. If you hike in different kinds of terrain, boots can make sure your dog's paws aren't injured by protecting from the dangers of sharp rock, brambles, burrs, cacti, and foxtails. If you have a senior dog or one with mobility issues, boots can help with traction on slippy floors in the home.


What kind should you get?


There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying dog boots for your canine companion. In general, depending on the need for boots, different types should be considered.

  • Boots with thick rubber soles are best for extreme temperatures and rough terrain.
  • Waterproof boots are great for mud or during winter time
  • Breathable mesh boots are better for hot summer days
  • Lightweight sock like boots are great for indoors to help with traction on slippery floors
  • Taller boots are better for rain and snow 

 How to get the right size boots for your dog

Sizing varies with style and manufacturer, so don't just buy by size, but rather take a moment to carefully measure your dog's paws. To do so, take a blank sheet of paper and let your dog stand on it with his front paw. With a pen mark around the paw. Do the same for the hind foot. Now measure the width and length of the paws using the outline on your paper. The most important measurement is the width, as it mostly determines the size. With these measurements in hand, review the sizing chart of the brand you are buying.

Train your dog to be comfortable with his boots

It's important to give your dog some time to get used to the boots. Don't just put them on his feet, rather take the time to gradually teach him/her to be comfortable wearing them. The biggest mistake owners make is to just put the dog boots on their pet and leave them to get used to them.

Start with only the fronts and make sure the boots are properly secured so they will not fall off. Then put your dog on the leash and walk around the house or backyard for a few minutes. By walking around, you give your dog something to do, and s/he will not just sit and chew off the new boots. Once your dog is walking normally with the boots on, you can toss a toy or ball off-leash.
After a few minutes, take the boots off, but continue to play to reward the dog. Repeat for a few times and eventually add the hind boots to this routine.

Once you use the boots for regular outings, make sure to check his/her paws for soreness or wear marks. Just like human shoes, dog boots fit differently on each dog and you want to be sure your dog is wearing boots that fit without hurting his feet.

You may also like our YouTube video on the same subject:

I hope this information is helpful to you and would love to see your comments on the subject.
As always stay cool and keep your paws on the road!

Bee Walker


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