Monday, August 14, 2017

Just in Time for the Busiest Travel Days of the Year, Comes a Book that Changes Traveling with Dogs!


Just in time for the busiest travel days of the year, comes a book that changes traveling with dogs!

More and more Americans take their dogs with them on vacation each year. Hotels, Resorts, and Vacation Rentals offer dog-friendly accommodations, and there are many books, online websites, and apps that help the dog loving traveler with finding the perfect place to stay. But how do you train your dog to be a well-behaved dog that is comfortable with all the excitement of travel?

Phoenix, ArizonaAugust 15, 2017Keep Your Paws on the Road” is a new book written by Master Dog Trainer Jim Walker and his wife Birgit Walker. Both share the love of traveling with their pets. They have combined their expertise in dog training with their experience in traveling with dogs.
The book offers dog training exercises that teach behavior any well-mannered dog should know when traveling. From proper restaurant behavior to respecting open doorways, the exercises are sure to turn the reader and their pet into trusted traveling companions. Each chapter covers a new aspect of traveling and the information is sure to help any dog owner prepare their dog-friendly adventures.
“As we travel across the country, I often notice other dog owners struggling with their dogs”, Jim Walker explains, “from this came the idea of writing a book that would make traveling with dogs easier. It has been my experience with training dogs, that owners enjoy taking their dogs more places if the dogs are well behaved.”
The official release is scheduled for November 2017 through Amazon and other distributors, but the book is already available for pre-sale on the authors’ website at

About the Jim and Birgit Walker
Jim and Birgit have been traveling with their dogs for over 20 years. Outside of traveling, Jim has trained dogs in Arizona, California, and Hawaii. They now offer dog training services through their company Modern Canine Services in Phoenix, Arizona. Birgit also authors a blog and newsletter and offers a lively Facebook group that shares dog travel adventures.

For more information about KEEP YOUR PAWS ON THE ROAD, please visit ModernCanineServices/books or contact BIRGIT WALKER at (602) 688-4060. You can also email the publisher under


  1. Your content is great. But why are "traveling with dogs" the last three words of your tag line. Way to bury the lead! Maybe: Traveling with dogs? "Keep Your Paws on the Road" arrives just in time for the busiest travel days of the year. Sorry . . . couldn't help myself. This has major marketing potential. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for your input, I like the tagline and will try it out on my next media inquiries.