Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Recommendation for European adjustable dog leash

A lot of people comment on the type of leash I use for my dogs and want to know more about them. 
So this weeks blog post is about the European adjustable dog leashes  I use exclusively when traveling with our dogs. Wherever I go, I get people asking me where I got the leash. The leash looks very classy, but most of all, it is extremely versatile.

 I love these leashes, because they allow me to adjust them in so many different ways. I personally prefer the leather type, but also own a few rope ones.

 Here are a few ways to use the leashes:

1. You can tie up anywhere you like. 

With an easy snap, you can tie your dog to your camping chair, or a pole or whatever you like. It is also perfect for Therapy and Service dogs, as you can clip the leash at any length to a wheelchair, if needed.By using the different rings, you can adjust the length of the tether to your situation.

2. You can adjust the leash length easily from short to medium to long

Rather then gathering up the leash in your hands, which can make it somewhat difficult to carry, the leash can be adjusted to 3 different lengths. This is great for traveling. When you take you dog through a crowded street market, use the shortest to keep your dog right by your side. On another occasion, when you are out walking in the park, you can have the leash at it's full length, allowing Fido to roam freely.

3. You can wrap the leash around your body.

By wrapping the leash over one shoulder, you can have a hands-free set up perfect for biking, hiking or while out shopping. I use this option all the time when walking several dogs. I can wrap my senior dog's leash around my body and have my hands free to work more closely with the younger pup.

4. Use both ends to walk two dogs at a time.

The leash offers you the opportunity to walk multiple dogs. This makes it a great  emergency leash, when one gets lost, or you come across a dog that is without leash.

 I bought these leashes in Germany, every time I go to visit, I would bring back one more for my personal use. I recently found them online and have now created a link to them in our online Pet Store. 

To find a wider selection of different styles of these wonderful leashes, follow this link 

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