Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Natural Supplement with amazing results in Senior Dog!

About a year ago, I notices my dog Jaeger was starting to show signs of becoming a senior dog. He was getting the white hairs around his snout and eyes. He was slowing down, walking more slowly, and at times had trouble getting up off the tile floor. I also noticed that he would lick his front paws for long periods of time in the evening, which I took as a sign that he was developing some arthritis. He still loved to play fetch, but I could tell he tired more easily and was visibly sore the next day.

I started to feed Jaeger senior dog food, with added glucosamine and chondroitin and also gave him some yucca powder on days he seemed to be uncomfortable or sore. He showed some improvement, however, he really started feeling much better, when I remembered to feed a dog supplement I had found on the internet a few years back.

I first used this dog supplement on my 12 year old Collie several years ago. The product is called Fresh Factor and is made by a company called Springtime, Inc. My Collie had  severe arthritis and was hardly walking, when I first came across this product by chance. I ordered it on the internet and within just a few days of feeding the supplement, I saw amazing improvement in my dog. He was walking around completely normal, with no signs of stiffness or pain. He even started to jump into our truck, something he had not done for some time. I kept him on the supplement until he died in his sleep at age 18, laying in the sun on my front porch. I know it added several years to his life and I am sure it made his last years a lot more comfortable.

I am so glad I remembered this stuff! Jaeger, just like my Collie, is showing signs of improvement within just a few days of feeding the chewable tablets. He is jumping around like a young dog, bringing the ball to me to remind me to play fetch with him every day. He is no longer showing any signs of being sore after playing with the ball. I have not seen him have any trouble getting off the floor and I noticed he does not lick his front paws, like he used to at night.

Fresh Factor tablets are made with natural ingredients since 1979. The company uses Bee Pollen, Chondroitin and Kelp for the main ingredients. They also add desiccated raw beef liver, which makes the taste irresistible to dogs.The wafers can easily be quartered, to help break them down in size for smaller dogs. For more information on this amazing product, go to:
The company offers several other natural supplements, none of which I have tried. 

I am recommending this Fresh Factor because I have personally used the supplement on my dogs, and have seen incredible improvement in them. I am not paid, nor have I received any free products from Springtime, Inc. in order to write this blog or give my recommendation for this product. 

I hope the information provided here is helpful to you and your dog. If you have an older dog, and any natural remedies or supplements that you can recommend, please do so in the comment area below. I appreciate your feedback. 
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Until next time, keep your paws on the road!


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